photo-8I have worked as a textile and fashion designer and also as an artist, and the two fields have led me to creating spaces where art and applied design coexist: The painting is a rug is a blanket is a wallpaper is a dress. How people live in domestic space with materials and objects is one of my core interests. And how people relate to materials and objects, with their varied contexts and functions, compels me to build layers of visual phenomena.

Through producing large scale installations in the past, I have stretched beyond the body as a site for textiles and moved my focus into using yarn and fabric in space and architecture. Physical space, particularly architectural space has become an active player, as the work dances between material, color, scale and mass.

I am interested in how these material creations can express extremes and contrasts: hard/soft; disorder/order; tension/release; darkness/blinding light. I often employ graphic, abstract, and ordered geometries which are meant to evoke both chaos and calm. Explosions, vibrations, and optical phenomena materialize in line and shape, shatter and fracture in dramatic ways, and then align themselves with precision and balance through a concurrent process of renewal and decay.