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featuring a collaboration with Harry Allen

November 22 – December 20, 2014

Heller Gallery in association with the American Design Club are pleased to present Having It All, an exhibition of works by American artist and designer Liz Collins. A curated selection of original pieces as well as limited edition items from her Optic Home Collection, will be on display, arriving just in time for the holidays. The exhibition will also feature pieces made in collaboration with designer Harry Allen.

In both her artworks and her home textiles Collins uses the universal language of bold lines, repeated stripes and jagged lighting bolts in vivid colors. The hard-edged shapes act like the caution chevrons and zig zags on trucks or traffic signage that warn you to watch out. Layers of pattern assert themselves with explosive energy and create a deep clash of alluring sensuality. Everything is covered with pattern and the space is made to glow.

Recognized internationally for her use of machine knitting to create groundbreaking clothing, textiles, and installation, Collins has elevated the relevance of yarn and extended the use of textiles beyond the body and moved them into space and architecture. In her work art and applied design coexist: a painting is a rug is a blanket is a dress is wallpaper.


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Liz Collins + POLLACK

Zeus full repeat

photo-5With Rachel Doriss, Design Director of the POLLACK Studio.

As a part of  Makers Collection Liz Collins collaborated with POLLACK and created a collection of interior fabrics based on her continuing artistic exploration of Optic Pattern. She joined the maker’s panel discussion at POLLACK showroom in NY on Oct 1st, 2013.

Fabrics are available at : POLLACK

Artist Residency at Occidental College in LA


Liz stayed in Occidental College, Los Angels, for a 2 week Wanlass Artist-inResidence program . She collaborated with a group of Occidental students and a few local knitters to stage the day-long performance of KNITTING NATION Phase 12: H2O. While in residence, she also built a installation, Distancer-Pursuer, in Mullin Art Gallery and visited a print making class to create a color-graph prints using one of her Optic Pattern knit fabrics.

2013-1108_LizCollins-Mullin-31DPPano*Distancer-Pursuer at Mullin Art Gallery on campus.

photo 5                          Professor Linda Lyke Pulling a print out of the knit sample.
photo 3                          The inked knit samples.


Liz Collins: ‘Touching the Void’ at Textile Arts Center, NYC

New York, NY (February 15th, 2013) – Artist/designer Liz Collins presents a hybrid art/fashion installation at the Textile Arts Center (TAC) from February 15th to March 15th.  Mediating between the structural and surreal, Collins transforms TAC, framing her eponymous capsule line of knitwear in the soft belly of a fabric cave made from post-consumer garments and textile ephemera.

Deconstructed and reconstructed “blob” shirts hang from inflated spheres, while the walls of the Textile Art Center are built up with piles of knit fabric and new large-scale wall pieces.  Inspired by bodily protuberances, growths and sinkages, Collins’ installation employs innovative knit construction to create uniquely dynamic, interactive shapes.  Blending graphic, figurative knitting with washes of ink gradation, Collins’ investigates the void with her sculptural garments and installation.

The opening reception on Friday, February 15th will mark Collins’ return to her fashion design roots.  She will presents a collection of limited edition unisex knit sweaters created in Peru, available for direct sale from the artist during the month-long exhibition. A live lookbook shoot will run for the duration of the opening, with visitors functioning as models and the shoot as a site specific photo booth.

“Fifteen years ago my first collection of sweaters graced the mannequins in the window downstairs from TAC, at what was then Patricia Field’s store. It’s amazing to come full circle and present some of my favorite, and most wearable pieces ever on this same site; and finally be able to stage a show where my art work and clothing are co-existing in the same space.”

Viewers engage with both garments and knit sculptural elements, provoking reflexive consideration of the process of design.  Though Collins’ fiber structures are ostensibly chaotic, they are technically rigorous, held together by carefully interrelated fixed elements.  This reflects Collins’ approach to her work, which is materially driven and motivated by the act and history of knitting, as well as the internal and external architecture of the human body.

Liz Collins Apparel at Sundance 2013

Liz Collins reflective hats and gloves for sale at the Sundance Film Festival along with other unique artist-made items curated by Todd Oldham